pseudosphere, (re)searching, 2022

Pseudosphere, (re)searching consists of calligraphic ink drawings with heavy symbolism including arrows, question marks and infinity. These symbols carry a little, if any meaning after such frequent usage by various Slovak conceptual artists (Amongst my main inspirations were Julius Koller, Stano Filko, Rudo Sikora and Dezider Toth). When drawing and installing the artworks, I decided to put all of these symbols in a new context. To do so, I used words, short sentences and designed a spatial installation where the spectator chooses the reading of the story and the final message of the exhibition. The lightning of the exhibition is theatrical and it ends with the sentence “I failed.” I do not explain why I ended the reading with such a strong self-deprecating gesture. The audience can only assume that the project has not ended. Maybe, it is in the process of (re)searching.