Sign here:, yesno to be continued, 2022

Site-specific installation including research wall explaining YESNO chapter about signature using appropriated objects, various typewrited texts, sketches, objects including tape, cup, pieces of old canvases, old matrice, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia

YES and NO as a gesture and antigesture at the same time that are meeting each other and communicating with each other.
YES includes NO and NO includes YES. At a certain point, they meet to create a whole unit.
The signature as a denial of signature. Signature as a challenge to another signature.
Elements of accidental (anti)gestures.
A gesture as a way out of this madness. A gesture is a way out of this madness. A gesture must represent freedom.
YES has to not-/lose NO and NO has to not-/lose YES.

„Appropriation, or a certain kind of appropriating in visual early postmodern art does not mean theft, as long as the one who engages in the appropriation deliberately acknowledges it at the same time. Additionally, he or she knows how to visibly change the context (and not only the context of time).“
Jiří David

Tierra non grata, 2022

Installation in space, cut, sprayed or painted canvas, fabrics creating various objects from the old Merina factory, Nova vlna, Trencin, 2022

Merina, the old factory in Trencin, Slovakia was once an iconic building producing textile for customers all around the world. It used to employ thousands of people up until it was destroyed by developers and replaced by a small office building, AUDOV. As a part of my research, I entered the area where the factory was constructed under the supervision of AUDOV workers. During my visit, I received a gift from the designer: small pieces of leftover fabrics from the factory. I decided to use them to create an installation in Nova Vlna, a gallery placed inside the Merina complex. As a part of my internship in the department of painting, I interconnected my paintings with the received fabrics to create an installation in space. The goal was clear, to give a new meaning to these textiles bearing in mind the destroyed factory building and traumatized employees that have no idea what will happen to them in the future.

YESNO, 2022

Installation in space, ink drawings on paper / old book papers,
old book covers torn apart and written upon using ink, hanged by needle in space,
A4 – A space for contemporary culture, 2022

YESNO, a world of contradiction, with the book as its basic element. We have pushed this medium aside, it is too slow and old-fashioned. A book is passé. Michel Houellebecq describes this situation in his essay Approaches to Disarray. Nevertheless, he adds that literature will survive: „It’s enough if you pause, turn off the radio, disconnect the television, not buy anything anymore, avoid craving to buy anything. It’s enough if you do not take part, do not know, temporarily halt all mental activity. It’s literally enough if you remain still for a few seconds.“
I am still, placed outside the movement and rush of this civilization. I am turning off notifications, I am visiting nature. I am taking unwanted books from book shelters, filling the emptiness with the nonsensical word “YESNO” or its antonym “NOYES”. Automatic ink drawings are created as a result. Sometimes, one gesture or signature is enough. Other times, I am adding symbols or the nonsensical two words “do-lorem ipsum” to the artworks. I am inspired by the author Lubomir Durcek and his drawings. The artist lived during the revolutionary period of multiple changes. Currently, we live in a similarly tense situation again, just in a different time and under different circumstances. The impossible has become possible. Therefore, I am connecting the words YES and NO together and creating a single unit, I am acknowledging and denying the drawing, and finally, connecting these opposite terms. In books, I find a slowing down, a refuge from the maddening world outside. I do believe books will survive. As Michel Houellebecq puts it: „Literature will handle anything, it will get used to anything, it rummages through garbage, it licks the wounds of misfortune.“

*Lorem ipsum is a name for a nonsensical textin Latin, used as a default beginning of every graphic document when inserting a block of text. The original text comes from the book „On the ends of good and evil” written by Cicero. The preposition „do-„ is placed in front of the word „lorem“ under „dolorem ipsum“. We can translate it as “pain itself”. I am deconstructing the nonsensical typesetting text in this way and placing its original meaning into the word. I am pointing out how we forgot to be interested in the original meaning of the words that are placed in front of us. Even if they are nonsensical.

pseudosphere, (re)searching, 2022

Abstract ink drawings on cartboards using self-written words and sentences, various formats
Exhibition view, Galeria X, 2022

Pseudosphere, (re)searching consists of calligraphic ink drawings with heavy symbolism including arrows, question marks and infinity. These symbols carry a little, if any meaning after such frequent usage by various Slovak conceptual artists (Amongst my main inspirations were Julius Koller, Stano Filko, Rudo Sikora and Dezider Toth). When drawing and installing the artworks, I decided to put all of these symbols in a new context. To do so, I used words, short sentences and designed a spatial installation where the spectator chooses the reading of the story and the final message of the exhibition. The lightning of the exhibition is theatrical and it ends with the sentence “I failed.” I do not explain why I ended the reading with such a strong self-deprecating gesture. The audience can only assume that the project has not ended. Maybe, it is in the process of (re)searching.