Klara Kusa is an emerging artist and student of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Kusa studies photography, but believes in art synthesis of all disciplines. That is why she chose multiple internships and courses, each focusing on different sets of skills. Amongst them are digital arts, intermedia, sculpture, graphic design, painting/drawing. Kusa is especially fond of dada, neo-dada, conceptual and neo-conceptual art. The artist appreciates the techniques of appropriation and experimentation and is fond of the post-modern approach to art. In her work, she deals with the topics of mental health and illness, human rights and their violation and finally, the deconstruction of the role of the artist/spectator and the artwork itself. Apart from visual art, Klara Kusa is a writer, blogger and a mental health activist, she founded a Slovak non-profit organization Psychiatria nie je na hlavu. She is based in Bratislava, Slovakia.